In this episode of “Leaving CrazyTown,” hosts Finn and Dr. Sarah have a special guest, Kate Vitela, a nurse specializing in psych and addiction. Kate opens up about her journey through codependency as a nurse struggling with substance use issues.

Key moments include Kate’s revelation about being forced into a monitoring program after 17 years of nursing, her realization of codependent tendencies among nurses, and the challenges of breaking through denial around her alcohol addiction. She also shares her transition from cardiac nursing to mental health, highlighting the importance of recognizing burnout and prioritizing self-care in a demanding profession like nursing.

The hosts delve into the connection between codependency and addiction, discussing how unaddressed codependency can lead to various destructive behaviors. Kate’s expertise in recovery coaching shines through as she touches on managing resentments and the ongoing work in recovery to avoid falling back into old patterns.

Listeners are encouraged to explore Kate’s coaching practice more and connect with her for support in their journeys. Follow Kate on social media to stay updated on her insights and experiences in navigating codependency in the field of nursing.

Tune in to this episode for a candid discussion about codependency, addiction, and the importance of self-care in the demanding world of nursing. Get ready to abandon those old habits and start putting yourself first – no more “rage cookies” for anyone!

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