Leaving CrazyTown: To Opposing Responses to Codependency

In the latest episode of Leaving CrazyTown, hosts Sarah and Finn delve into an intriguing discussion about codependency. They explore two common responses to codependent triggers, providing an insightful look into how these reactions can shape our relationships and overall well-being. The first response they dissect is that of someone who mobilizes the ‘fix it and control it’ troops. This person jumps into action at the first sign of a trigger, seeking to mend and manipulate situations to their liking, often without considering the potential negative effects of their actions.

The second response they discuss is the complete opposite – the individual who becomes immobile in the face of a codependent trigger. This person shuts down, refrains from doing anything, and remains silent. While this might seem like a less harmful reaction on the surface, Sarah and Finn highlight how such passivity can lead to feelings of resentment, frustration, or even a sense of helplessness. But fear not, as they don’t leave viewers feeling stuck between these two extremes. Instead, Sarah and Finn introduce a third alternative, a more balanced response that promises to be less damaging to oneself and to others. This thought-provoking episode encourages viewers to reassess their own coping mechanisms and consider new ways of responding to codependency triggers.

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