Leaving CrazyTown: Adulting – Speaking Up!

In the enlightening episode “Adulting – Speaking Up!” of Leaving CrazyTown, hosts Finn and Dr. Sarah delve into the complexities of healing from codependency and the crucial role boundaries play in that process. Through candid discussions, personal anecdotes, and valuable exercises, this episode provides listeners with the tools necessary to voice their needs effectively and […]

Leaving CrazyTown: Marriage and Codependency w/ Megan Swan

On this episode of Leaving CrazyTown, special guest Megan Swan shares how she navigated through her own codependency with her husband and his drinking to discovering more effective to communicate and get her needs met. Megan is a Sober Curator, Wellness Coach, and Podcast Extraordinaire – enjoy.

Understanding Codependency and Healing Broken Relationships with Dr. Sarah Michaud

In this short interview, Host Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, interviews Dr. Sarah Michaud, a seasoned psychologist with over 30 years of experience in clinical practice. They dive deep into the topic of codependency and how it affects relationships, as well as the steps individuals can take to heal from these […]

Leaving CrazyTown with Finn + Sarah: Sex & Shame

In this video of Leaving CrazyTown, Finn and Sarah discuss sexual shame. Per usual there are personal experiences shared and they discuss ways to relieve that shame. Enjoy and remember you are not alone. If there is a name for it someone else has done it and probably many people.

Leaving CrazyTown: Childhood Trauma Hijacking!

In this video of Leaving CrazyTown, Sarah and Finn discuss an event they call Hijacking. It is when an interaction or an event triggers a childhood trauma, and we are hijacked and pulled back into time without realizing it. Finn gives an example that happened to him recently and he and Sarah discuss how to […]

Leaving CrazyTown: Living Out-Loud – Transitioning in Recovery

In this video of Leaving CrazyTown, Sarah and Finn chat about what it has been like for Finn transitioning out in the open in recovery and his life. Finn and Sarah talk openly about Finn’s experience and what it is like for someone transitioning to male in the recovery community. Finn shares some stories of […]

Leaving CrazyTown: Ask Dr. Sarah Michaud Questions

Finn and Sarah are back with another episode of Ask Dr. Michaud. Finn asks Sarah two questions and Sarah has to put on her Dr. hat on the spot. Sarah has no idea what questions will be thrown at her. Check it out and let us know how she did answering.

Leaving CrazyTown – Making Up Stories

Today on Leaving CrazyTown with Finn and Sarah, they discuss the stories we make up in our heads regarding events. Our minds have quite the imagination and we usually don’t imagine the pleasant stuff. We are constantly vigilant at guarding against being hurt and telling ourselves why people are doing what they do; but, what […]

Leaving CrazyTown: All Things Anger!

On the latest episode of Leaving CrazyTown, hosts Sarah and Finn tackle a topic many shy away from – anger. This emotion, often misunderstood and misrepresented, is dissected with clarity and compassion. They delve into various manifestations of anger, breaking down its complex nature for their viewers. From quiet seething resentment to explosive outbursts, they […]

Leaving CrazyTown: To Opposing Responses to Codependency

In the latest episode of Leaving CrazyTown, hosts Sarah and Finn delve into an intriguing discussion about codependency. They explore two common responses to codependent triggers, providing an insightful look into how these reactions can shape our relationships and overall well-being. The first response they dissect is that of someone who mobilizes the ‘fix it […]