Leaving CrazyTown with Finn & Sarah: Resentments

Leaving CrazyTown with Finn and Sarah

In this video of Leaving CrazyTown, Finn and Sarah discuss what resentments are and how they can tear your life apart and take away your freedom. They share how they identify when they have resentments and what they do about them.


Myrna Young Life Coach

Dr. Sarah Michaud joins the Author’s Corner to discuss her book, “Co-Crazy,” and offers insights on overcoming codependency relationships  and addiction. Michaud shares her personal journey and provides practical advice on setting boundaries, addressing denial, and focusing on self-care to aid recovery from addictive relationships. Highlighting the importance of confronting one’s own needs and fears, […]

It Is Always Our Past

Leaving CrazyTown with Finn and Sarah

In this video of Leaving CrazyTown, Sarah and Finn discuss how whenever we react to something, it is usually our past interfering with the present. Finn shares his learning experience after a friend suggested that he consider why something bothered him. So much freedom can be found in looking at what makes you uncomfortable today.

Speaking Up in a Group

Speaking Up in a Group Leaving CrazyTown

This week on Leaving CrazyTown, Finn and Sarah discuss how difficult it can be to speak up in a group. They give examples and discuss tools and methods for dealing with the situation. Enjoy.

Respecting Boundaries | Leaving CrazyTown with Finn & Sarah

In this video of Leaving CrazyTown, Finn and Sarah discuss how to respect other people’s boundaries. They give several examples and provide ways to respond to people without violating their boundaries and Dr. Michaud – aka Sarah fesses up to violating her son’s boundaries.

Leaving CrazyTown: Getting Sober in College

Leaving CrazyTown with Finn and Sarah delves into poignant discussions surrounding addiction, codependency, and the challenging journey to sobriety. In this episode titled “Discovering the Problem,” hosts Finn and Dr. Sarah are joined by James, a special guest, who bravely shares his personal struggles with alcohol and codependency. Through candid conversations and introspective reflections, the […]

Unreasonable and Unrealistic Expectations | Leaving CrazyTown

Finn and Sarah back again at Leaving CrazyTown to discuss unreasonable and unrealistic expectations. Sarah shares a personal story of how she had expectations regarding what type of transportation her young son would purchase. Sarah and Finn discuss the difference between unrealistic and unreasonable expectations.

Nurses and Codependency Special Guest: Kate Vitela

Leaving CrazyTown with Finn and Sarah - a Sober YouTube Channel on Codependency

In this episode of “Leaving CrazyTown,” hosts Finn and Dr. Sarah have a special guest, Kate Vitela, a nurse specializing in psych and addiction. Kate opens up about her journey through codependency as a nurse struggling with substance use issues. Key moments include Kate’s revelation about being forced into a monitoring program after 17 years […]

Let’s Talk About Loneliness | Leaving CrazyTown

In this video of Leaving CrazyTown, Finn and Sarah discuss loneliness. It is not uncommon to feel loneliness and to try to escape or avoid the feelings. Sarah and Finn discuss ways one can address the Loneliness and they discuss what not to do when experiencing loneliness.