Dr. Sarah Michaud joins the Author’s Corner to discuss her book, “Co-Crazy,” and offers insights on overcoming codependency relationships  and addiction. Michaud shares her personal journey and provides practical advice on setting boundaries, addressing denial, and focusing on self-care to aid recovery from addictive relationships. Highlighting the importance of confronting one’s own needs and fears, she emphasizes how to regain control and achieve personal freedom. Tune in for an enlightening conversation on navigating relationships with addicts and reclaiming your mental health. For more, visit Dr. Michaud’s YouTube channel “Leaving Crazy Town” and her articles on The Sober Curator.

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Key Takeaways:

Understanding Codependency: Beyond Addiction

“Most especially women can be codependent, which is really putting other people before you basically—you’re deciding who you are by how the world responds to you.”

Dr. Michaud highlights a vital clarification about codependency—a term initially coined within the context of relationships involving substance abuse. The term ‘codependency’ has evolved, and it now encompasses a broader range of behaviors where one’s self-worth and decisions hinge on external validation.

The fundamental takeaway here is the poignant realization: codependency isn’t merely about substance abuse. It’s about relinquishing control over one’s life, thoughts, and emotions to others’ reactions and behaviors.

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