Leaving CrazyTown: Shame Attack & Compassion

In this episode of Leaving CrazyTown, Finn and Sarah discuss how when you go up in an environment where you weren’t allowed to have needs, or your needs weren’t met, it is hard to advocate for yourself in adulthood. It often brings up feelings of shame; no matter how one responds to these situations, it […]

Leaving CrazyTown: I Don’t Wanna! … Sober Not Mature

Finn and Sarah dedicated this episode of Leaving CrazyTown to the Sober Not Mature podcast that Dr. Michaud (aka Sarah) recently appeared on as a guest. In the video Finn and Sarah discuss how sometimes we just want what we want, and we want to do it our way despite the consequences. Hence being sober […]

Leaving CrazyTown: 5 Ways Sarah and Finn Avoid Uncomfortable Feelings

Welcome to CrazyTown – In this episode of Leaving CrazyTown, Sarah and Finn discuss 5 ways each of them avoids uncomfortable feelings. It is very hard to sit with intolerable feelings and for some all feelings are intolerable. What do you do to avoid feelings? What can you do instead?

Leaving CrazyTown: Living in Fantasy Land – Thoughts are Not Facts!

In this episode of Leaving CrazyTown, Sarah, Finn, and Amanda discuss how they make facts out of their thoughts about people, places, or things yet will often ignore the facts written on the wall about other situations. Either scenario creates a fantasy land for them to live in. Sarah and Finn have discussed sticking with […]

Leaving CrazyTown – RELATIONSHIPS: 5 Clues You are on the CrazyTrain

In this video of Leaving CrazyTown, Sarah and Finn discuss the five clues (actions) that indicate their codependency has been triggered. This video shows how Finn and Sarah know when they act from a co-dependent place. Do you relate, or are your activations different? Relationships trigger many behaviors, and identifying what they are so we […]

Leaving CrazyTown: Crazy Thinking Ruins Relationships and Our Sanity

Today on Leaving CrazyTown, Sarah and Finn travel to TN to shoot on location with special guest Amanda. The three of them discuss how crazy thinking and not acknowledging all of our feelings, both “good” and “bad,” can ruin relationships and our sanity. We discuss grief and how our crazy thinking keeps us from healing.

Leaving CrazyTown: I Hate My Children and Everyone Else

In this video of Leaving CrazyTown, Sarah and Finn discuss rage toward those we love the most. Sarah describes a scenario where she had expectations of how her day with her son was going to go, but he had other plans. We discussed how she felt and how she handled it.