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Dr. Sarah Michaud, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist in central Massachusetts. After twenty years of sobriety, she was forced to confront the shame of her husband relapsing and the desperate behaviors that occur when one attempts to save another. What unfolded was a life that she could never have imagined. 


This book is about her journey back to her true self, the warrior and woman she was meant to be. It will help anyone who wants to live beyond trying to save, fix or change another, whether it is a child, a spouse, or a friend, addicted or not, and get your life back. It will help transform you from codependency’s profound and debilitating effects and settle into a life of authenticity, laughter, openness, and peace. 


From Sarah

My Hope For Us All

“When we stop being preoccupied with how the world responds to us and focus on what is happening inside of us, we will begin to build a more robust sense of self.”


“Dismissing our needs, feelings, and thoughts leads us to behaviors we use to numb the pain of not being seen. Your needs, ideas, emotions, and experiences are who you are – don’t dismiss yourself because it will lead others to do the same. It will also lead to accumulated repressed anger, grief, and fear that will eventually come out against ourselves and others. Give yourself permission to just do you.”



a memoir & manual of freedom


One Psychologist’s Recovery from Codependency and Addiction

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@LeavingCrazyTown YouTube

Welcome to Leaving Crazy Town, a YouTube channel created by Dr. Sarah Michaud and Finn Allen dedicated to helping individuals navigate the ups and downs of life, including the struggle with codependency. Through their personal experiences and expertise in mental health, they offer unfiltered insights and strategies to help viewers overcome the challenges associated with codependency and lead more fulfilling lives.


Their videos cover topics such as anxiety, depression, relationships, self-improvement, and much more, including codependency. This channel is for anyone looking for guidance and motivation to improve their mental health, relationships, and overall well-being, especially those affected by codependency. Join the Leaving Crazy Town community today and take the first step towards a happier and healthier life, free from the negative impacts of codependency. 



here's what's Podcasting

This week we dive into the deep waters of emotional well-being with insights from the inspiring Dr. Sarah Michaud with her 30+ years of experience as a clinical psychologist. Join us as we unravel the complexities of codependency and self-leadership, and how understanding these concepts can lead to profound personal growth and healthier relationships. Here’s a sneak peek of our rich conversation:


  • Codependency and its Roots. Dr. Sarah Michaud demystifies codependency, explaining how it stems from a disconnection from one’s true self and how early childhood dynamics play a pivotal role.
  • The Female Struggle with Anger. Megan Swan candidly shares her journey through anger management to emotional intelligence, highlighting the transformative power of setting boundaries and fostering self-awareness.
  • Shifting Childhood Coping Mechanisms. Dr. Michaud breaks down the importance of recognizing and reforming the adaptive behaviors we adopted as children that no longer serve us in adulthood.
  • Women’s Complicated Relationship with External Validation. Both Megan and Dr. Michaud discuss the detrimental effects of societal conditioning that fosters validation-seeking behavior, and how to reclaim our inherent self-worth.
  • Self-Compassion and Other Tools to Build Self-Confidence. They emphasize the valuable tools of self-compassion, empowerment, and practical strategies like reality checking to foster a balanced emotional state.

    This episode is a masterclass in understanding the often-overlooked issues of codependency and self-leadership. Dr. Sarah Michaud and Megan Swan delve into the psyche with empathy, providing impactful wisdom that encourages a journey towards authentic wellness and assertive self-governance. Remember, embracing our inner strength and wisdom is not just a practice—it’s a way of life.

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    Community: https://wellness-as-a-way-of-life.mn.co

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-What drives codependent behavior?

-What are the common reasons that make it hard to stop codependent behavior?

-How is codependent just as lethal as substance and alcohol addiction?

Welcome to Episode 162! This week, we are joined by Dr. Sarah Michaud, PsyD, who opens up about her own codependent recovery that she documents in her book, Co-Crazy. Dr. Sarah shares with us about her codependent recovery journey and her work with codependent women. She describes where codependent behavior comes from and the factors that make it so difficult to stop the behaviors. We explore how codependency is just as lethal as other addictions like substance use and alcoholism and conclude with hearing why this makes Dr. Sarah so passionate about this work. It’s a must-listen!

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Dr. Sarah Michaud is an expert in codependency–in large part because she has dealt with it herself. She discusses how she works through her codependent tendencies. She also discusses her new book Co-Crazy: One Psychologist’s Recovery from Codependency and Addiction: A Memoir and Roadmap to Freedom. Be sure you check out her YouTube show, Leaving Crazy Town.

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Co-Crazy Resources

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Co-Crazy Making Headlines


Royal Dragonfly Book Award

In the News

Sentinel & Enterprise

“Bolton native publishes ‘Co-Crazy: One Psychologist’s Recovery from Codependency and Addiction’”

Sarah discusses her new book with news reporter Danielle Ray of the Sentinel & Enterprise.


NYC Big Book Award Winner

Co-Crazy Reminders

We are not responsible for anyone else’s thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. We are only responsible for our response to them. Mantra: I am accountable for what’s in my hula-hoop. That’s it.
When they say their truth, believe it.
When there are red flags, see them.
When you feel a conflict inside, recognize it.
It is easier to be clear about facts when you are upset. Just remember when you’re feeling better, it doesn’t mean the facts don’t exist.
No matter how much you believe that you can tell who people are by just looking at them, or you believe you know what they are thinking, you can’t. Seriously, you can’t. No, seriously.

In their own words...

Jane D.

“Sarah Michaud’s book on codependency gives me real solutions and ways of healing.  I am truly grateful to her for writing the most helpful book out there on codependency.”

Erin X.

“Sarah’s ‘warrior’ style is authentic and empowering – I’ve left suffering behind and discovered incredible freedom.”

Finn E. A.

“Forever grateful to Dr. Michaud for the personal examples, the instruction and the levity provided in her book. I like coming home to myself.”

Eileen H.

“Sarah has helped me clean the glasses of my life so I can recognize that I have choices. Each day brings more excitement for my life and what the future holds.”

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